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Reuse of information

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Act on Access to Public Information (ZDIJZ) also governs the field of re-use of public sector information, as stipulated by the EU in the Directive (EU) 2019/1024. Public sector collects, produces, reproduces and disseminates a wide range of information pertaining to a broad selection of public activities in the fields of social work, economy, geography, weather, tourism, entrepreneurship, patents, justice affairs, culture, education and politics. 

Public sector bodies collect, produce, reproduce and disseminate documents to accomplish their public functions. The use of this information for other non-public functions constitutes a re-use of information. Its key element is its added value, an additional value with which the private sector should be able to increase the usability of the original information, and hence offer more that the public sector within the frame of its public functions. Slovenia opted for a differentiated policy on charging for the re-use of commercial and/or non-commercial information.  Another important aspect of the Directive is implemented into ZDIJZ. The public sector too, can re-use its own information (and charge it to the users). I this case, though, when using the documents as entry data for its business purposes outside the field of public functions, the same prices and conditions must be applied both for the public body itself as well as for other parties on the re-use market. 

The principal motto of re-use of public information is based on the premise that the creation of public sector information is financed from public, i.e. government budget sources, and can therefore not be regarded as public sector property but rather property of the people.