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Decree on unmanned aircraft systems coming into force

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Press release


On 13th August 2016 the Decree on unmanned aircraft systems (Official Journal of Republic of Slovenia, no. 52/2016, in Slovenian only) came into force. The Decree provides rules on use of unmanned aircraft systems (»drones«). The Information Commissioner took part in preparation of the Decree. An important part of the Decree is also the obligation for drone operators to perform  data protection impact assessment (DPIA) prior to performing  aircraft activities, which has to be sent to the Information Commissioner. The impact assessment will force the operator to rethink, which personal data to collect, on which legal grounds and how to protect them.


Impact assessments are becoming an important and efficient tool for proactive approach towards privacy and personal data protection and are a complete novelty in relation to drones. Further development of these assessments is expected.


The impact assessment form is an attachment to the Decree (in Slovenian only), while on our website you may find an electronic version of the form, which can be sent (together with any possible questions) to


For further reading we recommend our Report on drones (in Slovenian only), which describes the impact of drones on privacy and personal data protection and provides information on how to use their advantages while protecting our rights.



Mojca Prelesnik, univ.dipl.prav.,

Information Commissioner