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Access to information

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Transparency and openness of a country are a necessary assurance to stem the spread of corruption in the public sector. It is evidently no coincidence the countries which have traditionally been most open, are countries with the lowest level of corruption. 

With a thorough, persistent and straightforward work of all access to public information bodies, Slovenia aims to further improve its standing on the worldwide county corruption list. The amendment of the Access to Information Act can serve as an excellent basis for such a task. And precisely this openness is the emphasis of the new amended Act, and should be regarded as a necessary precondition, which in itself cannot serve other than public interest.

Slovenia is a member of the European Union since May 2004 and therefore our citizens can also demand access to public information from European parliamentEuropean Commission and Council of Europe

Legal basis for access to "European" public information are the following documents: 

If you wish to gain access to public documents which are in the possesion of European Parliament you can find detailed guidelines and relevant addresses for submitting the demand here

Other relevant documents and web pages:

Basic backround for access to EU documents can be found in the Treaty of EC and in the Treaty of EU and in the Constitution for Europe (Article II/102).

Check also EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights (Article 42).