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Project RAPiD.Si - Raising Awareness on Data Protection and the GDPR in Slovenia

The RAPiD.Si project (Raising Awareness on Data Protection and the GDPR in Slovenia) is performed by Information Commissioner and it reaches out to two fundamental target groups in order to ensure effective and uniform application of the 2018 Data Protection Reform in Slovenia: (1) Slovenian businesses, in particular SMEs, and (2) the general Slovenian public.


Objectives of the RAPiD.Si project are two-fold. Firstly, it focuses on educating and raising awareness among SMEs on the new data protection legislative framework (GDPR and the new national Personal Data Protection Act), and replying to their queries, so that SMEs will (1) understand the new legislative requirements, (2) have easy access to a variety of practical and usable support tools to implement data protection measures and (3) be empowered to efficiently adopt accountability measures that foster their compliance. Secondly, the RAPiD.Si project will empower Slovenian citizens by performing a variety of awareness-raising activities about the fundamental right to privacy and data protection with particular attention to the rights of data subjects, so that individuals will (1) understand the importance and value of the right to information self-determination and privacy in the information society and (2) be aware of their rights as data subjects and of the way to exercise these rights.


The set objectives aimed at SMEs will be achieved by establishing a dedicated website with easy-to-understand informative material and various animated tools tailored specially to fit the SMEs’ needs, a dedicated hotline, several professional articles, a monthly newsletter and by delivery of regional trainings. The objectives aimed at general Slovenian public will be achieved by establishing a dedicated website with information materials and animated tutorials tailored to fit the needs of the general public, reaching out to general public through the Consumers’ Association of Slovenia and establishing IP-RS social network presence.