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Application for biometric measures

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Prior to the implementation of biometric measures, the processor shall send the Information Commissioner a description of the planned measures and the reasons for their introduction (see Form for the application of biometric measures to the Information Commissioner).  The processor of personal data may only start implementing biometric measures after receiving a decision from the Information Commissioner, which allows the implementation of biometric measures.

The private sector may only implement biometric measures if this is absolutely necessary for carrying out its activities, for the protection of people or assets or for the protection of classified information or business secrets. Biometric measures may only be used for their own employees if they were previous informed thereof in writing.

The public sector may implement biometric measures related with entering the buildings or parts of buildings and for recording the presence of employees at work, which shall be carried out by applying the second, third and fourth paragraphs of Article 80 of ZVOP-1 are mutatis mutandis.