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Head of International Cooperation and Enforcement

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Jelena Burnik, MSc
Tel.: 01 230 97 30 
e-mail:  gp.ip(at)


Jelena Burnik graduated at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana (2007). In 2008 she finished Communication Regulation and Policy Master of Science programme at London School of Economics and Political Science. She is currently finishing a PhD on regulation of behavioural advertising in electronic communications at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana.

She joined the Information Commissioner in 2008. Her field of expertise are data protection issues related to ICT and digital marketing, data transfers to third countries, certification, international cooperation, awareness rising activities. As a State Supervisor for Data Protection she has represented the Information Commissioner in a number of bodies, working groups and projects, among other Working Party 29, Council of Europe, GPEN network, Working Group for Digital Education, Safer Internet project. She coordinated two EU projects where the Information Commissioner was part of an international consortium (CRISP on certification of security products and ARCADES on raising awareness about data protection in schools). She regularly lectures at different events and publishes expert and academic articles. Currently, she is coordinating the activities of international cooperation in enforcement and cooperation of the Information Commissioner at the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).