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Information Commissioner

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Mojca Prelesnik

Phone: +386 1 230 97 30

e-mail: gp.ip(at)





Born in 1968, Bachelor of Laws with State Bar Exam                                                

1992    Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana
1995    State Bar Exam
1995 - 1997 Employed at Emil Lipovec and Aleš Rojs Law Firm
1997 - 2002 Own Law Firm
2002 - 2005 Government Advisor, Ministry of the Information Society
2005 - 2008 Deputy of the Information Commissioner
2008    Appointed Secretary General of the National Assembly
2014    Appointed Information Commissioner
2019    Re-appointed as Information Commissioner

Language competencies - active: English, Serbian, Croatian; passive: Italian, German

Author of expert papers and co-author of books in the field of access to public information, protection of privacy and personal data, lecturer at various seminars, training programmes, expert conferences and meetings (related to wider public administration, labour law, inspection procedures, healthcare, education, archives, economy, etc.).

In addition to legal expertise, she has experience in the field of legislative procedure and managerial work, as well as administrative and organisational skills related to the work of public administration, management and financial operations.

She became engaged in the field of access to public information already in 2002 at the Ministry of the Information Society, where she participated in the preparation of the draft act regulating access to public information. Moreover, she was the official competent for the transmission of public information under the Access to Public Information Act. 

The protection of personal data became her field of work in 2006 when the office of the Commissioner for Access to Public Information was redefined as Information Commissioner, acquiring the competences of the hitherto Inspectorate for the Protection of Personal Data at the Ministry of Justice. 

She further enhanced the knowledge and experience obtained during employment – first at the Ministry for the Information Society and later with the Information Commissioner – also in practice holding the office of Secretary General of the National Assembly. Heading the administrator of numerous collections of personal data and the authority liable to provide access to public information, she was provided an insight into its operations. As published in the report on the implementation of the Access to Public Information Act, the National Assembly revealed a high level of access to public information and transparency of operations in 2008-2014. During this period, the National Assembly, as administrator of collections of personal data, also substantially enhanced and improved the protection of collections and personal data.  

Upon the proposal of the President of the Republic Borut Pahor, on July 4 2014 the National Assembly elected Mrs. Prelesnik to a five-year term as Information Commissioner. She began her term of office on July 17 2014. Upon the proposal of the President of the Republic, Borut Pahor, on 18 June 2019, the National Assembly re-elected her as the Information Commissioner for a five-year term.