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Information Commissioner is an autonomous and independent body, established on 31. December 2005 with the Information Commissioner Act (ZInfP). The body supervises both the protection of personal data, as well as access to public information. The Office of the Information Commissioner is led by the Commissioner Mrs Mojca Prelesnik

Competencies of the Information Commissioner based on the Information Commissioner Act are:

  1. deciding on the appeals against the decisions by which another body has refused or dismissed the applicant’s request for access, or violated the right to access or re-use public information; in the context of appellate proceeding the Information Commissioner is also responsible for supervising the implementation of the Act governing access to public information and regulations adopted within the framework of appellate proceedings;
  2. exercising inspection supervision of the implementation of act and other regulations which regulate processing and protection of personal data and transfer of personal data from Republic of Slovenia;
  3. exercises other tasks defined by these provisions;
  4. deciding as appellate body on individuals' complaints when controller of personal data refuses his request for access to data relating to him or request for extract, list, examination, confirmation, information, explanation, transcript or copy in accordance with provisions of the act governing personal data protection;
  5. as offence body the Information Commissioner supervises implementation of Information Commissioner Act, Access to Public Information Act in the context of Appellate proceeding and Personal data protection Act (Art. 2 of Information Commissioner Act and Art. 32 of Access to Public Information Act).

Access to Public Information Act defines additionally also the competency of the Information Commissioner to keep records of all granted exclusive rights to re-use information (Art. 36a(5) of Access to Public Information Act).

The IC may file a request to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia to assess the constitutionality of statutes, other regulations and general acts issued to exercise public powers if the question of constitutionality and lawfulness arises in connection with a procedure it conducts (in cases rearding access to public information and personala data protection).